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Access Hipyeh chat with your browser from PC or mobile

Hipyeh? What is it? +

Hipyeh is a server based software (uses PHP) for webbrowser. That way Hipyeh doesn't need any any installation at your local computer.

That chat uses cookies? +

No, in no case. That chat has no initerest in digging data from the users.

Cookies in the browser simply don't exist in that chat. They will be deleted before they could be sent to the browser.

Is it possible to delete cookies from a page as is said to be? +

You can delete cookies in your browser. But that does not mean that they are away forever. Each movement on on that web site will create them again.

A cookie itself does not represent any danger. The danger comes from persons or organisations using them with bad intentions.

Can I access it from my mobile phone? +

Clear, if you have a modern browser installed.

E.g.: Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and others.

Do I can upload my photos and videos? +

Photos yes, videos and other messages not directly, but in any case you can upload arquives which were prepared with other apps. The must fit to the limitation of the server used.

Like photos other arquives are deleted 24h after the upload. You can delete your own ones even directly after the upload.

Can I send arquives, e.g. pdf? +

Yes, you can send arquives (e.g.: .zip, .pdf, jpg...etc) for the group if you like. They are deleted 24h after the upload. You can delete your own ones even directly after the upload.

What is the difference between this chat and others? +

The idea of this chat is connect small groups of users that know each other. This chat has neighter cookies nor publicity.

How long a message I wrote will be online? +

The chat server offers the message only 24h. After that period the message will be deleted.

Can I create groups? +

No, the idea of that chat is one group of friends and family with similar interests.

Can I download the app for my web site? +

Yes, that chat is available for download.

Is there some protection for me and my users if I will create my own social network? +

Yes, if you will use the HTTPS protocol for your web site.

Do I need a database? +

No, the idea of that chat is to connect small groups. In the future you will be able to connect to other groups using the same chat server software. [(!) it will be available only in the next version]. For small groups the software organizes its own data base.

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